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By visiting and ordering from UNKNOWN webshop you agree to the following terms. These terms apply to all agreements you enter into with UNKNOWN webshop. It is therefore very important that you read and understand the terms and conditions below.

The validity of any condition that doesn’t appear in the UNKNOWN terms and conditions bellow will not be accepted as they deviate from our terms of purchase.

UNKNOWN can not guarantee that the actual product will have exactly the color and appearance that you perceive on your screen due to color features as well as the screen on your computer. We cannot be responsible for the color reproduction on your computer screen. We strive to always publish the most reliable and newest information on the UNKNOWN webshop. However, we ask you to note that there may be times when our website and stock have not been updated due to various reasons. If you are interested in, or have questions about an item, do not hesitate to contact us at info@unknownsofo.se

Sizes always vary between the different brands. Unknown webshop sells, among other things, Italian and French brands which means that they uses different size systems. To make it easier to find the right size, you can use a size chart which UNKNOWN can provide to you upon request.

All prices on UNKNOWN webshop are stated in Swedish crowns (SEK) and include VAT. Customers from a country outside the EU are not obliged to pay Swedish VAT. In this case, the VAT will be automatically deducted at the time of purchase. All prices are subject to change.

In order for you to order and shop via UNKNOWN webshop you will be asked to register, which means that you supply us with your contact-and payment information. It is your responsibility to provide valid and correct information and that you are the person referred to in the invoice information you have provided. The contract between you and UNKNOWN webshop takes place when you place an order. When ordering at UNKNOWN webshop, you will receive all purchase confirmation in the e-mail address you provided us with. Please note that it is very important that you provide a valid e-mail address in order for you to receive your order confirmation among other important information. By placing an order at UNKNOWN webshop you are accepting all the legalterms and conditions made by UNKNOWN webshop. UNKNOWN reserves the right not to accept your order without receiving previous authorization for your payment.

It is possible for you to use a credit card to pay for your purchase. UNKNOWN accepts Visa, AMEX and Mastercard. For customers in Sweden, there is the option to pay via Klarna Konto, or Klarna Faktura. When purchasing via Klarna, no extra invoice fees will be added to the purchase. All prices are stated in Swedish crowns and include VAT.

Shipping costs are not included in the price, but they will be added as an additional fee. The stated total amount is only reserved in your account until we have confirmed that your order is available. As UNKNOWN respect your privacy, your payment information will be automatically removed from our system as soon as your purchase is completed. All transactions are handled by DIBS, which ensures secure online transactions.

UNKNOWN strive to handle your personal and payment information as securely as possible. In the event that a third party wrongfully gain any unauthorized access to our customer data, UNKNOWN cannot be held responsible for any loss.

UNKNOWN make great effort to deliver your ordered goods to the current forwarder as soon as possible, usually within one working day. However UNKNOWN reserves the right to a longer handling process during sales periods. All orders are processed as soon as the transaction is completed. UNKNOWN can deliver our products to countries world wide.


Deliveries within Sweden have an additional cost of __ sek.

Deliveries within Europe have an additional cost of __ sek.

Deliveries outside Europa have an additional cost of __ sek .

For orders over _____ sek, UNKNOWN offers free shipping.

It will normally take between 1-3 business days for your package to be shipped. However, UNKNOWN cannot be held responsible for any delays as we can not influence unexpected events that may happen during transport.

It will normally take between 3-5 working days for the package to be shipped to a country outside Sweden but within the EU. However, we can not be held responsible for any delays as we can not influence unexpected events during shipping.

It will normally take between 10-15 working days for the package to be shipped to a country outside the EU. However, we can not be held responsible for any delays as we can not influence unexpected events during shipping.

Please note that any additional taxes and fees added due to the country of destination are the customer's own responsibility. When the order has left our warehouse, you will receive a delivery confirmation via email.

All orders placed via UNKNOWN webshop are delivered with a security tag. In order for you to return the product the tag must be intact and attached to the garment as when it was sent to you. As soon as the tag has been removed, the product is considered to have been in use and is thus not possible to return. We provide a lifetime guarantee of authenticity on all our goods. Should an item, against all odds, turn out to be a counterfeit, full compensation will be paid after a written statement from a trusted operator has been received by us together with the item and receipt.

The receipt must always be included in a return. Shoes must be returned in their original box, which must be intact as we consider the box as part of the product. Bags must be returned in the associated cloth bag, which must be intact, as we consider the cloth bag as part of the product. Please note that shoes must be tested on a mat to prevent wear, if you want to return them. It is important that the soles of the shoes are intact. Return packages within Sweden must be sent with Postnord's preprinted return label included in the package. If there is no return label in the package, contact us before you send your return, and you will receive a new one. Returns that are not sent in this way may be returned to the customer. If you are outside Sweden and are to return your order with DHL,use the pre-printed return slip and the customs invoice. Call your local DHL/UPS office to book collection of your return package. Once UNKNOWN have received your return, this will be processed as soon as possible, but always within 30 days. As a customer, you are responsible for returning the item you do not wish to keep, and also ensure that your desired return item complies with UNKNOWN webshop’s conditions for return.

Only for Swedish customers

When you buy an item via our website, you have 14 days to cancel your purchase. These 14 days take effect when you have received or picked up the item. If you regret your purchase, send the item back to us by using the enclosed return shipping note. The item must be in the same condition as when you received it, it must not be used and all tags must remain. For more information please go to:

Konsumentverkets PDF

UNKNOWN reserve the right to make printing errors, deficiencies in information, any incorrect spellings and any incorrect information on our website and in product descriptions. UNKNOWN’s webshop notifies you immediately of any error, but reserves the right to cancel an order or purchase in the event of such an error.

In the event of war, natural disaster, industrial action, government decisions, non-delivery of subcontractors, costly circumstances and comparable circumstances (force majeure) beyond UNKNOWN webshop's control, which could not be reasonably foreseen and thus could not be prevented and this affects agreements entered into with UNKNOWN webshop UNKNOWN webshop reserves the right not to fulfill the said agreements and any obligations these entail.

Purchase at UNKNOWN webshop is for personal use only or as a gift. Resale or any other commercial benefit is prohibited. UNKNOWN reserves the right to limit orders of larger quantities of an item, which is delivered to one and the same customer or postal address.